I care deeply about my work. My priority as your photographer is to document YOU and the moments that trully matter!! Its not just about pictures, it's about the feeling I capture. I am captivated by life and a lover of candid moments. I am inspired by the way people connect, with eachother, in times of playfulness and in the real moments of love. I believe there is beauty in everything. I aim to show that in my imagery by capturing the authenticity of relationships and cherished moments. This is why I love photography. Capturing the fleeting moments and tiny details that harness life.


Mint Tea - Books - Home Decor
Swimming - Vanilla Steamers
Diy's - Indie Music - Plants
Strawberries and Thunderstorms!

I’m Beata
(pronounced like the Mazda "Miata"
- only with a “B”)

Now that you know how to pronounce my name. HEY! Im Beata. So glad you've made it to my little corner. I'll be honest I find it hard to write about myself. I've never been one who gravitates towards being the centre of attention, it's easier to tell someone else's story rather than my own. I am a sensitive soul and an introvert so that would probably explain it, but here goes nothing. I'm a Polish-born, Toronto based photographer. I have two beautiful babies that hold my whole heart and three four legged cuddle monsters! That pretty much sums up my whole world right there. In my everyday life I like to laugh and daydream and soak up everything that is happening around me but I also like to run away somewhere where I am completely alone, get away from the crazyness of life and focus on myself, to be calm and still. I am a creative, plain and simple. In school, I took every art class offered to me, which eventually led me to majoring in graphic design. It was a short lived career. Photography has always been a part of my life, it was a hobby for a long time. I have always been drawn towards the more creative sides of life so it's not a surprise to me that I ended up here. Now, 7 years into my photography career I specialize in Weddings, elopements, couples and portrait photography. My style is a mix of intimate connection and goofy play documenting honesty moments with bursts of laughter. I absolutely love experimenting and diving deeper into my artistic self to keep things interesting. I approach my sessions with connection. I am glad that I get to meet so many wonderful souls and can accompany them during some of their most important moments. For me photos are more than just photos, they're a memory, one that I want you to remember, so don't expect much static poses and forced smiles. I want our day together to be effortless and fun. Be ready to move around, laugh, dance in front of a sunset and forget that you're being photographed. In the end, my goal is to make sure you're fully enjoying this experience and having beautiful memories to look back on.
If you've seen and loved my galleries and feel we are on the same page then I'd be honoured to document your story.



  • I love being out in nature! Hiking, swimming etc! I was never home growing up and I think I had one of the best childhoods, always being outdoors
  • Id rather have plants than flowers - theyre pretty but they die
  • I was born in Poland and lived around Europe (Germany, Spain, Holland etc) before moving to Canada. I was also fluent in those languages when I was younger, however I currently only know Polish and English - although i'd love to re-learn, im sure theye're still in my head somewhere.
  • I used to swim - I was pretty good, was training for the Olympics - but my heart was never in it, I was never the competive type and it actually gave me anxiety so I quit. I trained for a bit longer but never competed again. I still love the water, its where I feel the most free
  • I love the feeling of flour and addmitedly play with it a bit when baking
  • I used to bring home every injured animal I found. There were a lot. Ive nursed about 4 kittens, a squirel, a snake, a fruit bat and a few birds! If I won the lottery I would open an animal sanctuary.
  • I love to read. I remember my mom always with a book growing up and I guess I got it from her! I can definitely get lost in a book for days! Always looking for recommendations :)
  • I love home decor - Absolutely love it! I watch all the home decor shows and follow a lot of home decor accounts on Instagram. In another life I would have loved to be an interior designer/decorator - I always re-decorate my house - and can't wait to buy another home so I can decorate it!! If you'll let me I would totally be down to help with any decor needs you have :)
  • I love movies, theres so many that I like that its hard to narrow down but if I had to, my favourites would include; Avatar, Amelie and Arrival. Weird that they all start with "A" and are one word.