The first step to grow is to invest in yourself

Thank you for your interest in mentoring with me! I have been doing photography for 8 years now and have gained so much valuable information that I cannot wait to share with you. When I first started I would've loved to have someone to mentor me along the way. I want to be the person that I wish I had when I started out. So let's get together, hang out and learn.

I definitely don’t have ALL the answers. I will however be open and honest with you about what I do know and what has worked for me. I believe strongly in community over competition and that there is room for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out and have no idea what you’re doing or you’ve been in the industry for years and just need a brain to pick, I’m here for you!
These sessions are intedned for any lifestyle shoot, from familie's, couples and styled weddings. I also offer newborn mentoring. To find out the details just keep scrolling!

Until further notice, all mentor sessions will be virtual due to COVID 19. With this being said, if you were intersted in the virtual and in person mentoring you can decide whether you want to do the virtual option now while postponing the in-person to a future date!


This is a no-topic-is-off-limits, completely open & honest 60 minute conversation between you and me. It is completely catered to you and your business so I encourage you make a list of questions and topics you want to cover. Some ideas for topics include:

  • + finding your style and niche
  • + booking process and workflow
  • + pricing yourself accordingly
  • + how to book your ideal clients
  • + editing the way you want - tips and tricks
  • + social media and websites (website review)
  • + and much more!!!

This mentor session is $300 and can be done via phone call, zoom or facetime


This is a 2 hour in person hang-out! This is where you’re going to get that hands-on experience that you’ve been looking for. We will go out to your fav spot or find a great setting based on the type of locations you want to shoot in. The goal is to produce a portfolio that will attract your ideal clients. I will do my best to find models that fit your niche (you are more than welcome to protograph someone you know or have in mind if they are what you are looking for - because who you want to work with is who should be portrayed in your photos) I’ll push you to step outside your comfort zone and shoot in new ways. This is a safe place to make mistakes, learn your camera and try something new. Some of the things we will be learning during the shoot out are:

  • + creating content that attracts your ideal client (family, couples etc)
  • + candid posing and promts
  • + shooting and directing
  • + styling clients
  • + basic camera settings
  • + understanding light

This mentor session is $500 (add $200 for styled bridal)


If package 1 & package 2 had a baby, this would be it! This can be considered a mini-workshop completely catered to you + your business! This can be completed over 2 different days. Should you choose to do the one-on-one vertually or together on shoot day.
Whether you want to do all the nitty-gritty business deets before or after the shoot is up to you. We will also go to a 1 hour styled shoot where you’ll get to shoot alongside me, see how I work and direct my clients to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. The session type is determined by you, so you can start booking and shooting your dream clients.
In this mini workshop we will go over all the content from the ONE-ON-ONE as well as the LET'S HANG mentoring collections.

So let's get together find a coffee shop or bar and talk shop. This is a good opportunity to go over post process workflow, your gear, do some editing together, talk about booking your dream clients, critique your website + social media and go over any other questions you have regarding your business. I’m an open book and here to help you any way I possibly can!

This mentor session is $700 (add $200 for styled bridal)


The first step to grow is to invest in yourself

Thank you for your interest in mentoring with me! I have been doing photography for 8 years and have been working with newborns for 6 years and during these last few years I have gained so much valuable information. There is so much involved when working with babies; babies can be tough and they are all SO different and will not go into every single pose. That is why I offer a vaierty of workshops whether you are wanting to see a session from start to finish, 1:1, 2:1 and in a small group sestting of 5+. I also offer custom pose mentoring for those that want to master a specific pose.
During our mentoring session we cover everything from creating the perfect studio environment (if choosing your studio), working with babies safely and posing. Every session is completely different because they are tailored to each individual photographer. Travel may be subject to additional cost and is dependant on distance as mentoring can be done in either my studio or your studio/shooting space.


During the mentoring day we will cover prepping and styling the session and how to pair your props for easy transitions. Transitioning between poses and camera angles as well as newborn safety and spotting. We will also be covering different soothing techniques as well as wrapping techniques and transitions and parent/sibling poses if applicable.
During the mentoring day a light lunch/snacks/beverages will be included. There will also be Q&A during the day—so bring your questions!

One-on-one newborn session // $1200
Two-on-one newborn session // $900
Group newborn session // $500

One pose newborn session // $350
Two-on-one 'One Pose' newborn session // $300
Group 'One Pose' newborn session // $250


For all mentoring, a Retainer fee (non-refundable) of $200 is required to secure a session for your mentoring date. Must have knowledge with a DSLR camera and shooting in manual mode + a prime lens (35mm or 50mm) For newborn mentoring there is a 25km non-compete radius within the vicinity of Bemiro Photography. Mentoring sessions are scheduled on a case by case basis. Please contact me to schedule a date before purchase.